Customer Reviews

A huge thank you to all customers who have purchased and sent photos to Bujo & Brushstrokes of their orders! It's always so lovely seeing where our art ends up. All photo credits are given at the bottom of each photo.Β 

"This is my fave sweatshirt to wear. It's so comfy"
Souparni looking cute while rocking the maki sweatshirt. The military green colour works so well with basic jeans!

The cutest placement of our stickers, shared by Kaija! Love the words of affirmation on your mirror.

The husband of one of my vendor friends, rocking our onigiri sweatshirt! Thanks for sharing.

"I'm rocking your sweatshirt to go get my errands done today"
Kiko looking adorable in our ramen sweatshirt, thank you for sharing such a cute photo!

"I'm obsessed with the green sweatshirt 😍 it's sooo nice"
Steph looking comfy and cozy modelling the bbt sweatshirt while on a bbt run!

A pretty spring outfit styled by Tina featuring our "My Essentials" Tote Bag - thanks for sharing your #ootd Tina πŸ’œ
She also has the black Japanese food tote bag, which holds so many of her everyday items!

"I love the bag so much, I use it with almost all of my outfits. It's big enough to fit everything I need without being too bulky or hurting my shoulders. Definitely recommend others to get it!! 10/10"
Thank you to Mashenka for reviewing the "My Essentials" tote bag! I hope youΒ 
make good use of it 😊 Go check out her Instagram @mashenkadesilva for some serious fashion inspo.

The cutest way to brand a transit pass - with these fruit stickers! Thanks to Siri and her sister for sharing this photo.

Thank you to Karen for showcasing her personalized Airtag with our Watermelon Fruit Sticker! A great way to identify whose Airtag is whose πŸ˜‚

Mix and Match Set of 10 Cards
Japanese Food Inspired Cards

"I love all the cards! and I will continue to support Bujo and Brushstrokes!"
Thank you to Vivian for purchasing the bundle of 10 mix and match cards!
What a great selection you made with all the Japanese food themed cards πŸ˜ƒ

Onigiri Tote Bag Model

Erin is rocking the Limited Edition Onigiri tote bag! So nice to meet you in person at the market 😊

Sage Green Scrunchie

A super trendy sage green scrunchie went out to a new loving home! Thanks for sharing vancity_munchie πŸ˜‹

The fruit stickers have made it all the way to Japan! These stickers were purchased by May as a gift for her friend in Japan - thank you so much to her friend for sharing this photo of their notebook!

Congrats to Karen on her engagement! She used the fruit stickers to decorate her memorable life event. She also sent a pack of stickers to her sponsor child in Nepal!

Thank you to Riddhi for purchasing this bundle card set! The cutest card trio.

This adorable Valentine's day card & sticker set purchased by Shafin, for a special someone.

Tina T. showing off our vinyl popsicle sticker on the back of her phone, and her card trio of punny fruit cards!

Meg's waterbottle featuring our vinyl rainbow sticker. Peep the freebie pear sticker in her planner too!

Alexi's haul from the Christmas craft fair! Thank you for sharing, and for rocking those scrunchies in your fashion Instagram account.

Brendan sharing the goodies he picked up from my booth at the Christmas craft fair!

Hayley showing off the fruit stickers she picked up, alongside these winter-inspired scrunchies!

Athena managed to grab some of our scrunchies, stickers and Christmas cards. Thanks for sharing your haul!

Thank you to Megan for purchasing small fruit stickers to put on her student's assignments!

Bookmarks for Tina T.

Fruit cards and bookmarks for Alyssa H.

Fruit cards and sunset card for Erika R.

"I ordered a custom print from Melissa, and I am blown away by the detail. I asked her to bring the blue ridge mountains to my Texas home and she delivered (and then some). All from a few photos I sent her. She combined the best parts of each to create something I seriously treasure and makes me think of home every time I see it. (Which is often because it's currently framed on my desk)"

"I'm absolutely in love! Each die cut looks individually painted!! I have no clue how she was able to capture that in printing but it's beautiful"

Fruit cards for Sheetal P.

Eucalyptus painting for Greet S.

Daylight/Moonlight paintings for Kim T.

Custom watercolour birthday card for Gagan K.

Custom Valentine's Day cards for Kitty L.